Sawmill Valley

Welcome to Sawmill Valley!

Sawmill Valley is a beautiful and diverse neighbourhood with a rich history. The abundance of trails and parks make for beautiful and peaceful walks, especially in the autumn season. It has everything you need within walking or a short driving distance making it extremely convenient for those with a busy lifestyle.

Watch the video below to see why the Getting You Home Team loves Sawmill Valley!

Riverwood Conservancy Mississauga

Parks and Recreation

One benefit of living in the Sawmill Valley is the vast amounts of green space. You have lavish walking trails and parks all over the neighbourhood.

Woodchuck Green Park, Shalebank Hollow Park and Trapper's Green Park are just a few of the green spaces available for you to enjoy. 

​A major highlight of the area is its close proximity to the University of Toronto Mississauga campus which has vast amounts of trails and green space where you can see deer and other wildlife freely. 

​Other places of recreation include South Common Community Center and the Riverwood Conservancy, a unique 60 hectare (150 acre) urban oasis located in the centre of the city. Riverwood reflects the vast natural, agricultural and cultural history of Mississauga.

Sawmill Valley Schools

As stated above a highlight of this neighbourhood is its close proximity to the distinguished University of Toronto Mississauga Campus, however, its elementary and secondary schools are equally impressive.

Some of which include:​

​Transit and Convenience

With Square One and Erin Mills Town Center in driving or bussing distance, everything you need is close by. There is also a complex on the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Folkway Drive that has a pharmacy, bank, corner store and a grocery store adding to the convenience factor of Sawmill Valley.

​Transit is also close by with a bus hub at South Common Community Center/ Mall leading to Erindale Station and other bus hubs that will make this neighbourhood a prime location for the everyday commuter.


Living in a safe neighbourhood is extremely important for you and your family, whether you already have an established family or are planning to start.

With no crimes being reported in the past 6 months, this neighbourhood is extremely safe. The Peel Regional Police Station is located within the neighbourhood and there is a fire hall located down the street from the station.

It should also be noted that Credit Valley Hospital is located less than 7 km from any point within the neighbourhood.

Peel Police 11 Division