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Mississauga: 224 schools
Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

École Horizon Jeunesse
1445 Lewisham Dr Mississauga
ÉÉC Ange-Gabriel
1830 Meadowvale boulevard Mississauga
ÉÉC René-Lamoureux
385 Meadows boulevard Mississauga
ÉÉC Sainte-Famille
1780 Meadowvale boulevard Mississauga
ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste
1910 Broad Hollow Gate Mississauga
All Saints Catholic School
4105 Colonial Dr Mississauga
Bishop Scalabrini School
225 Central Pkwy W Mississauga
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School
1120 Runningbrook Dr Mississauga
Blessed Trinity Catholic School
2495 Credit Valley Rd Mississauga
Canadian Martyrs School
1185 Mississauga Valley Blvd Mississauga
Christ The King Catholic School
3240 Garthwood Rd Mississauga
Corpus Christi School
4155 Elora Dr Mississauga
Divine Mercy School
2840 Duncairn Dr Mississauga
Father Daniel Zanon School
450 Hillcrest Ave Mississauga
Holy Cross School
3615 Morning Star Dr Mississauga
John XXIII Separate School
915 McBride Ave Mississauga
Mary Fix Catholic School
486 Paisley Blvd W Mississauga
Metropolitan Andrei Catholic School
6341 Mississauga Rd Mississauga
Our Lady of Good Voyage Catholic School
5850 River Grove Ave Mississauga
Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School
5820 Glen Erin Dr Mississauga
Queen of Heaven Separate School
1198 Alexandra Ave. Mississauga
San Lorenzo Ruiz Elementary School
100 Barondale Rd Mississauga
St Albert of Jerusalem Elementary School
7185 Rosehurst Dr Mississauga
St Alfred School
3341 Havenwood Dr Mississauga
St Basil School
4235 Golden Orchard Dr Mississauga
St Bernadette Elementary School
1060 White Clover Way Mississauga
St Catherine of Siena Separate School
2350 Hurontario St Mississauga
St Christopher School
1195 Clarkson Rd N Mississauga
St Clare School
4140 Glen Erin Dr Mississauga
St David of Wales Separate School
4200 Beacon Lane Mississauga
St Dominic Separate School
515 Hartsdale Ave Mississauga
St Dunstan Elementary School
1525 Cuthbert Ave Mississauga
St Edith Stein Elementary School
6234 Osprey Blvd Mississauga
St Edmund Separate School
1250 Melton Dr Mississauga
St Elizabeth Seton School
6133 Glen Erin Dr Mississauga
St Faustina Elementary School
3420 McDowell Dr Mississauga
St Francis of Assisi Separate School
2480 Thornlodge Dr Mississauga
St Gerard Separate School
1300 McBride Ave Mississauga
St Gertrude School
815 Ceremonial Dr Mississauga
St Gregory School
1075 Swinbourne Dr Mississauga
St Helen Separate School
1325 Bodley Rd Mississauga
St Herbert School
5180 Fallingbrook Dr Mississauga
St Hilary Elementary School
5070 Fairwind Dr Mississauga
St James School
98 Wanita Rd Mississauga
St Jerome Separate School
790 Paisley Blvd W Mississauga
St John of the Cross School
3180 Aquitaine Ave Mississauga
St Joseph Separate School
249 Church St Mississauga
St Jude School
175 Nahani Way Mississauga
St Julia Catholic Elementary School
6770 Historic Trail Mississauga
St Louis School
1450 Lewisham Dr Mississauga
St Luke Catholic Elementary School
1280 Cobalt st Mississauga
St Margaret of Scotland School
2266 Council Ring Rd Mississauga
St Mark Separate School
3675 Sawmill Valley Dr Mississauga
St Matthew Separate School
280 Kingsbridge Garden Circle Mississauga
St Philip Elementary School
345 Fairview Rd W Mississauga
St Pio of Pietrelcina Elementary School
4765 Huron Heights Dr Mississauga
St Raphael Separate School
3470 Clara Dr Mississauga
St Raymond Elementary School
5735 Whitehorn Ave Mississauga
St Richard School
7270 Copenhagen Rd. Mississauga
St Rose of Lima Separate School
4590 The Gallops Mississauga
St Sebastian Catholic Elementary School
3460 Aquinas Ave Mississauga
St Simon Stock Elementary School
6440 Lisgar Dr Mississauga
St Sofia School
3540 Havenwood Dr Mississauga
St Teresa of Avila Separate School
6675 Montevideo Rd Mississauga
St Therese of the Child Jesus Elementary School
6930 Forest Park Dr Mississauga
St Thomas More Separate School
3270 Tomken Rd Mississauga
St Timothy School
2214 Cliff Rd Mississauga
St Valentine Elementary School
5610 Heatherleigh Ave. Mississauga
St Veronica Elementary School
680 Novo Star Dr Mississauga
St Vincent de Paul Separate School
665 Willowbank Trail Mississauga
St. Barbara Elementary School
1455 Samuelson Circle Mississauga
St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic Elementary School
3345 Escada Drive Mississauga
St. Charles Garnier School
4233 Central Pkwy E Mississauga
Sts Martha & Mary Separate School
1760 Bough Beeches Blvd Mississauga
Sts. Peter & Paul Separate School
4205 Woodington Dr Mississauga
Allan A Martin Senior Public School
1390 Ogden Ave Mississauga
Artesian Drive Public School
3325 Artesian Dr Mississauga
Ashgrove Public School
3215 Thorncrest Dr Mississauga
Barondale Public School
200 Barondale Dr Mississauga
Brandon Gate Public School
3800 Brandon Gate Mississauga
Briarwood Public School
1065 Mississauga Valley Blvd Mississauga
Bristol Road Middle School
210 Bristol Rd E Mississauga
Britannia Public School
1145 Swinbourne Dr Mississauga
Brookmede Public School
2250 Council Ring Rd. Mississauga
Burnhamthorpe Public School
3465 Golden Orchard Dr Mississauga
Byngmount Beach Public School
930 East Ave Mississauga
Camilla Road Senior Public School
201 Cherry Post Rd Mississauga
Cashmere Avenue Public School
2455 Cashmere Ave. Mississauga
Castlebridge Public School
2801 Castlebridge Dr Mississauga
Champlain Trail Public School
895 Ceremonial Dr Mississauga
Churchill Meadows Public School
3310 McDowell Dr Mississauga
Clarkson Public School
888 Clarkson Rd S Mississauga
Clifton Public School
2389 Cliff Rd Mississauga
Cooksville Creek Public School
5100 Salishan Circle Mississauga
Corliss Public School
3730 Corliss Cres Mississauga
Corsair Public School
2230 Corsair Road Mississauga
Credit Valley Public School
2365 Credit Valley Rd Mississauga
Darcel Avenue Senior Public School
7635 Darcel Ave Mississauga
David Leeder Middle School
6900 Gooderham Estate Blvd Mississauga
Derry West Village Public School
620 Twain Ave Mississauga
Dixie Public School
1120 Flagship Dr. Mississauga
Dolphin Senior Public School
18 Brookside Dr Mississauga
Dunrankin Drive Public School
3700 Dunrankin Dr Mississauga
Edenrose Public School
1342 Edenrose St Mississauga
Edenwood Middle School
6770 Edenwood Dr Mississauga
Ellengale Public School
3480 Ellengale Dr Mississauga
Elmcrest Public School
2620 Chalkwell Close Mississauga
Erin Centre Middle Middle School
3240 Erin Centre Blvd., Mississauga
Erin Mills Middle School
3546 South Common Crt Mississauga
Fairview Public School
3590 Joan Dr Mississauga
Fairwind Senior Public School
5235 Fairwind Dr Mississauga
Fallingbrook Middle S Public School
5187 Fallingbrook Dr Mississauga
Floradale Public School
210 Paisley Blvd W Mississauga
Forest Avenue Public School
20 Forest Ave Mississauga
Forest Glen Public School
3400 Ponytrail Dr Mississauga
Garthwood Park Public School
3245 Colonial Drive Mississauga
Glenhaven Senior Public School
3570 Havenwood Dr. Mississauga
Green Glade Senior Public School
1550 Green Glade Mississauga
Havenwood Public School
3255 Havenwood Dr Mississauga
Hawthorn Public School
2473 Rosemary Dr Mississauga
Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
5750 River Grove Ave Mississauga
Hillcrest Public School
1530 Springwell Ave Mississauga
Hillside Senior Public School
1290 Kelly Rd Mississauga
Homelands Senior Public School
2420 Homelands Dr Mississauga
Huntington Ridge Public School
345 Huntington Ridge Dr Mississauga
Kenollie Public School
1376 Glenwood Dr Mississauga
Kindree Public School
7370 Terragar Blvd Mississauga
Kings Masting Public School
3351 King's Masting Cres Mississauga
Lancaster Public School
7425 Netherwood Rd Mississauga
Levi Creek Public School
1525 Samuelson Circle Mississauga
Lisgar Middle S Public School
6755 Lisgar Dr Mississauga
Lorne Park Public School
1325 Indian Rd Mississauga
Lyndwood Public School
498 Hartsdale Ave Mississauga
Maple Wood Public School
2650 Gananoque Dr Mississauga
Marvin Heights Public School
7455 Redstone Rd Mississauga
McBride Avenue Public School
974 McBride Ave Mississauga
McKinnon Public School
3270 Tacc Drive Mississauga
Meadowvale Village Public School
890 Old Derry Rd W Mississauga
Middlebury Public School
5482 Middlebury Dr Mississauga
Miller's Grove School
6325 Miller Grove Rd Mississauga
Mineola Public School
145 Windy Oaks Dr Mississauga
Morning Star Middle School
3131 Morning Star Dr Mississauga
Munden Park Public School
515 Tedwyn Dr Mississauga
Nahani Way Public School
235 Nahani Way Mississauga
Neil C Matheson Public School
1500 Ogden Ave Mississauga
Oakridge Public School
2060 Stonehouse Cres Mississauga
Oscar Peterson Public School
3240 Erin Centre Blvd Mississauga
Osprey Woods Public School
6135 Lisgar Dr Mississauga
Owenwood Public School
930 Owenwood Dr Mississauga
Peel Alternative - South Elementary
1239 Lakeshore Road E Mississauga
Peel Alternative - West Elementary
Pheasant Run Public School
4140 Pheasant Run Mississauga
Plowman's Park Public School
5940 Montevideo Rd Mississauga
Plum Tree Park Public School
6855 Tenth Line W Mississauga
Queen Elizabeth Senior Public School
60 South Service Rd Mississauga
Queenston Drive Public School
3520 Queenston Dr Mississauga
Ray Underhill Public School
32 Suburban Dr Mississauga
Ridgewood Public School
7207 Cambrett Dr Mississauga
Riverside Public School
30 John St N Mississauga
Russell Langmaid School
170 Church St Mississauga
Ruth Thompson Middle School
5605 Freshwater Dr Mississauga
Sawmill Valley Public School
3625 Sawmill Valley Dr Mississauga
Settler's Green Public School
5800 Montevideo Rd Mississauga
Shelter Bay Public School
6735 Shelter Bay Rd Mississauga
Sheridan Park Public School
2280 Perran Dr Mississauga
Sherwood Mills Public School
1385 Sherwood Mills Blvd Mississauga
Silver Creek Public School
460 Silver Creek Blvd Mississauga
Silverthorn Public School
3535 Cedar Creek Dr Mississauga
Springfield Public School
3251 The Credit Woodlands Mississauga
Tecumseh Public School
1480 Chriseden Dr Mississauga
The Valleys Senior Public School
1235 Mississauga Valley Blvd Mississauga
The Woodlands Elementary School
3225 Erindale Station Rd Mississauga
Thomas Street Middle School
2640 Thomas St Mississauga
Thorn Lodge Public School
2730 Thorn Lodge Dr Mississauga
Thornwood Public School
277 Mississauga Valley Blvd Mississauga
Tomken Road Senior Public School
3200 Tomken Rd Mississauga
Trelawny Public School
3420 Trelawny Circle Mississauga
Vista Heights Public School
89 Vista Blvd Mississauga
Westacres Public School
2165 Breezy Brae Dr Mississauga
Whitehorn Public School
5785 Whitehorn Ave Mississauga
Whiteoaks Public School
1690 Mazo Cres Mississauga
Willow Glen Public School
1301 Epton Cres Mississauga
Willow Way Elementary School
1715 Willow Way Mississauga
Schools - Grade 9 to Grade 12

Schools - Grade 9 to Grade 12

ÉSC Sainte-Famille
1780 Meadowvale boulevard Mississauga
Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School
75 Watline Ave Mississauga
Ascension of Our Lord Secondary School
7640 Anaka Drive Mississauga
Father Michael Goetz Secondary School
330 Central Pkwy W Mississauga
Holy Name of Mary Secondary School
2241 Mississauga Rd Mississauga
Iona Secondary School
2170 South Sheridan Way Mississauga
John Cabot Catholic Secondary School
635 Willowbank Trail Mississauga
Loyola Catholic Secondary School
3566 South Common Crt Mississauga
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School
3700 Trelawny Circle Mississauga
Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School
4555 Tomken Rd Mississauga
St Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School
2800 Erin Centre Blvd Mississauga
St Francis Xavier Secondary School
50 Bristol Rd W Mississauga
St Joseph Secondary School
5555 Creditview Rd Mississauga
St Marcellinus Secondary School
730 Courtneypark Dr W Mississauga
St Martin Secondary School
2470 Rosemary Dr Mississauga
St Paul Secondary School
815 Atwater Ave Mississauga
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School
3801 Thomas St Mississauga
Applewood Heights Secondary School
945 Bloor St E Mississauga
Applewood School
Cawthra Park Secondary School
1305 Cawthra Rd Mississauga
Clarkson Secondary School
2524 Bromsgrove Rd Mississauga
Erindale Secondary School
2021 Dundas St. W., Mississauga
Glenforest Secondary School
3575 Fieldgate Dr Mississauga
Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
1490 Ogden Ave Mississauga
John Fraser Secondary School
2665 Erin Centre Blvd Mississauga
Lincoln M Alexander Secondary School
3545 Morning Star Dr Mississauga
Lorne Park Secondary School
1324 Lorne Park Rd Mississauga
Meadowvale Secondary School
6700 Edenwood Dr Mississauga
Mississauga Secondary School
550 Courtneypark Dr. West Mississauga
Peel Alternative School Online
5650 Hurontario Street Mississauga
Peel Alternative South
1239 Lakeshore Rd E Mississauga
Peel Alternative South ISR
Peel Alternative West
6975 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle Mississauga
Peel Alternative West ISR
Port Credit Secondary School
70 Mineola Rd E Mississauga
Rick Hansen Secondary School
1150 Dream Crest Road Mississauga
Stephen Lewis Secondary School
3675 Thomas Street Mississauga
Streetsville Secondary School
72 Joymar Dr Mississauga
The Woodlands Secondary School
3225 Erindale Station Rd Mississauga
Thomas L Kennedy Secondary School
3100 Hurontario St Mississauga
West Credit Secondary School
6325 Montevideo Rd Mississauga