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We work with both Landlords and Tenants

Renting in todays Market is a challenge.Let our expertise help you settle into a rental in a very competetive market.We will guide you and present your application to acheive an edge over the competition. For Landlords?  We vet applications and verify to find you great tenants.

L easing a property in the GTA and beyond has become a very competetive and challenging journey.    With very low inventory, rental rates have increased significantly and the competition is tight.

We go beyond just the listings and basic application.  We will assist you in assembling a rental application that stands out from your competition and find you a home.

Our internal network of over  1400 Realtors is often integral in locating rentals both short term and long term to meet your needs, beyond the MLS system.

With extensive knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act (2006), and Landlord Tenant Board experience with our network of paralegals, we know how to navigate this difficult landscape to protect you.

If you need help Leasing your property we are also there to guide you every step of the way.  From vetting tenants, verifying documentation, and employment, we help to find you great tenants for your largest investments.

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Leasing - Rentals

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rentals

What documentation is needed to secure a rental unit?

Landlords want assurance that their properties will be rented to a responsible and qualified tenant.   As such the standard application will require the following documention and it is prudent to have all of this information in advance of starting your search.  Given the competetive nature of finding a rental unit, we don't want to lose out on a great unit because we had to wait for documentation.

  • Copy of full credit report including FICO score.  The credit report can be found at either Transunion, or Equifax.   There is a small cost to this (approx $30).   Sometimes you can access the report from your bank for no charge but most landlords prefer to have it directly from one of the two credit bureaus
  • Last 3 Paystubs and 2 bank statements (black out account numbers and other personal info, but deposits of paycheques and current loan obligations should visible
  • Employment letter - Letter from your employer on company letterhead with contact information for reference call.   Letter only needs to confirm you are employed (full time or part time,contract length (if applicable)  and salary).  Reference check will only ask to confirm the above. No other personal information can be asked of your employer. (This is a privacy violation)
  • Letters of Reference - these must include contact information:  Name, address, phone number.  It's best to have a previous landlord if available, but two professional references (former managers from work, or existing managers etc), and two personal references
  • Government Issued Identification (two pieces, with photo)

Applying for a rental unit is a multistep process.   These include:

  • The Initial application (followed by verifcation of facts, and reference checks)
  • Acceptance of application - This may be a conditional period with the reference checks are being done.    A deposit of First and Last month rent is required at this stage within 24 hours of acceptance of the "offer to lease".    This money is fully refundable if the landlord ulitmately turns down your application.    This deposit is held in trust by the brokerage representing the landlord and is not held by the landlord when using a Realtor.  This protects you from unscrupulous scams or persons.
  • Fully Accepted offer/application - at this point the Landlord is required to transfer the offer/application to an Ontario Standard Lease.   This Standard Lease was developed to protect both Tenants and Landlords by outlined exactly what is legally allowed and not allowed on the rental property, and outlines the responsibilities of both the Tenant and the Landlord.    The Ontario Standard Lease was a welcome change when implemented.    Congratulations, you have signed your Lease and can start packing

Do I have to pay any other deposits?

The Ontario Standard Lease outlines that key deposits are allowed amongst other potential deposits.

Remember.   Legally a landlord can not ask for more than what is allowed on the Ontario Standard Lease.   Should a potential tenant wish to volunteer additional security, that is their perogative.  We will advise the pros and cons of such but the decision is always the applicants choice.    

Am I allowed a pet?

Yes and No

As long as there is no rule for the building as a whole, or in the rules of the condo association for no pets then you may have a pet.   In condos and apartments you may find size restrictions and the number of pets you can own, or they may have a complete ban on pets.

What is the Landlord Tenant Board

The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) resolves:

  • disputes between residential landlords and tenants
  • eviction applications filed by non-profit housing co-operatives

The LTB also provides information about its practices and procedures and the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act.

For Full details please visit their website Landlord and Tenant Board Ontario