We have the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive, modern market.

We will work with you and for you every step of the way! Our combination of skill, experience, and technology ensures that we can sell your home for the highest possible price and in the shortest period of time.

We do things a little bit differently.  We believe that our clients deserve a higher level of care and we treat them to a VIP Real Estate Experience, whether it's a small one bedroom condo or a luxury custom home.  Everyone deserves to be treated with integrity, compassion, and transparancy.

Do you expect more from your Realtor?   We hope so.   How do we provide the service you deserve and what do we do differently?

  • Detailed analysis of your home and comparitive properties
  • Professional photography and cinematic listing videos and tours to showcase the beauty of each home
  • Dedicated website for every listing, social media advertising, luxury magazine advertising for many of our listings, and weekly (or daily ) reports on showings, feedback, website activity, etc
  • discuss with you the best marketing strategy for your home


  • Pre Inspection of your home from a qualified reputable home inspector.  Why?  If there is an issue we want to be ahead of it so there are no suprises
  • Professional cleaning:  Before we go to market we want to ensure your home shines
  • Moving boxes and supplies - yes, we provide you with a generous supply of boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. 
  • FULL staging - we have our own extensive inventory of furniture and our own moving truck.  We don't simply toss a few pillows and plants in.  With over 1000 items in our inventory from sofas, beds, area rugs, all the way to small accents, your home will have a professional designer look.
  • targeted advertising
  • access to our dedicated network of handypeople from painter's to trades who can deal with some required repairs before listing.  
  • some suprise gifts along the way during a stressful time is all part of our VIP Real Estate Experience
  • tiered commission structure - choose what package and level of service you would like to experience.

Our job as Realtors is to maximize your value and reduce objections at the negotiating table.  Find out how with an on site visit and friendly conversation without obligation.  

We take our jobs seriously.  (and we have some fun along the way)

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Pricing Your Home

When it comes to analysing the value of your home?  It's not just algorithms.  Each home is different and you should expect a Realtor to view your home in person before presenting a Marketing price.   We don't call it a List price.   List price is the old way of thinking.  A marketing price puts your home in front of the right buyers and doesn't follow any formula per se.   We analyze the market weekly and determine your marketing price based on up to the minute data and experience, along with the unique finishing within your home.

Every Step of the Way